The Custom Corner – SIERSTED

The Custom Corner

In a unique cooperation between SIERSTED, Karls Kicks and JKA Customs, we give you the possibility to get your sneakers customized or repainted.

You have these three options:

  • You can buy the shoes and design. That costs the price of the shoes + 300-600 DKK / 30-60 GPB. We can find most shoes for you, so you can choose anything. 
  • Alternatively, you can send us your sneakers and only buy the design. That costs 300-600 DKK / 30-60 GBP. 
  • Finally, you have the option to by a pre-produced custom sneaker. Find all the models under Karls Kicks and JKA Customs under The Custom Corner.

Contact us and describe what you want. Estimated delivery time on custom sneakers is 14 days. 

Notice, all custom sneakers come with OG box and receipt. 



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